Gypsum board: bevel edge  – Joint reinforcement

Gypsum board: bevel edge – Joint reinforcement

Plasterboard system, suitable joint reinforcement is essential to minimise the risk of cracking along the joints, which could then appear through the decoration. To achieve the objective of a smooth, continuous, crack-free surface, bevel edge plasterboard and fiber glass mesh should be used when jointing. The bevel edge boards (new design) provide a recess for the joint treatment, allowing a flat, finished surface. At board joints, where cut edges or square edge boards occur, the joint treatment is inevitably raised above the board surface and is more difficult to conceal. In this situation the secondary filling stage is omitted, and joint treatment is feathered-out into the field of the board to conceal the joint as much as possible.
Joint treatment has two essential components; the reinforcement and the jointing compound. Reinforcement is necessary where there is relative movement of adjacent boards. In practice, some movement is normal and bevel edge is recommended for support fiber glass mesh reinforcement.

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