Cleanup 3D / Terrazzo pattern


Cleanup 3D and CGS T-Bar ceiling tile with various types suitable for home, office and factory. Manufacturing completion on different board types: standard board, moisture resistance,… Have different types of thickness for specialized needs: 8mm, 9mm, 9.5mm, 12mm, 12.5mm. With special surface and High aesthetic design patterns easy to choose in the market
Cleanup 3D ceiling tile with CGS T-Bar to create consistent quality for the whole system.
Cleanup 3D with aluminium foil for back side is highly recommended to use for better life quality…

Popular Application:
Education, healthcare, restaurants

Features:Natural gypsum core.
Non- VOC, non- PVC.
Washable / scrubbable
High light reflectance.
Rich decorative pattern, highly decorative
Available in a wide variety of color tones.
Meet federal sanitary requirements for certain clean room and food processing areas
10-year limited warranty (under Global gypsum warranty conditions)



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