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Daiken Corporation, a company listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange & listed on the Nikkei Stock Exchange in Japan was incorporated in 1945. Long before globally aware of the need for environmental preservation, Daiken has started to manufacture Eco Environmental products by using recycled materials where the products are also recyclable after used . Daiken successfully developed numerous outstanding materials & products, including insulation wood fiber board which effectively utilizes wood waste. Acoustic Mineral fiber ceiling board EXCELTONE for ceiling and wall paneling with “thermal insulation” and high acoustic performances, high- durability WPC products, the inorganic with high-performance Dailite board which is Eco environment-friendly which made from previously untapped natural raw material. Daiken is working to develop activities for global environmental preservation in the production plants. The following is a list of our business division and affiliated companies with ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Certification:-

* FSC/COC Certification
** PEFC/COC Certification

● Daiken Sarawak Sdn Bhd **
● Daiken Miri Sdn Bhd
● Daiken Industries (Ningbo) Corporation */**
● Daiken New Zealand Ltd *
● PT. Daiken Dharma Indonesia
As a world-leading construction material manufacturer, Daiken Group has come to place great importance on consistent quality and further strengthening quality assurance at all
of our production sites. Taking “Friendly to the Earth, Friendly to Humankind” as our corporate team. Daiken is continuously working to contribute to the creation of healthier
& more comfortable living environments.


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