Use galvanized steel frame, why not use galvanized steel screw

Use galvanized steel frame, why not use galvanized steel screw

CGS Galvanised screws and nails are zinc coated nails that have undergone a galvanisation process. This process means the nails have a protective barrier which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.

The term “galvanization” encompasses a few different methods intended to achieve the same result – a screw more resistant to corrosive environments, which lasts longer than those made with traditional steel. Electro-plating is one method by which a layer of zinc is applied to a screw. Another is called hot-dipping, which is a process that results in the thickest layer of zinc. The coastal area suggests to only use galvanized or stainless steel screws in conjunction with any project utilizing galvanized steel frame that has been chemically altered to extend its shelf life.

Coastal Environment

Between the heat, humidity, and devastating effects of wind-borne salt, coastal environments have long played havoc with construction. Galvanized screws are recommended for use in almost any project near the ocean. Salt, in particular, quickly wears away plain steel screws, turning them rusty in a short period of time and necessitating repairs more often. Galvanized screws included as fasteners in either wood or metal projects will almost certainly last longer.

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